Mental health appointment

You can book an appointment for your mental health either directly self referring to the specialist clinic or complete form below

Self refer for a mental health appointment

You can book an appointment for your mental health directly by self referring to the specialist clinic. For more information visit counselling self referral

Request for a call back from the surgery's mental health care-coordinator

You can request a call back or an appointment from the surgery regarding your mental health needs related to low mood or depression or anxiety symptoms

If Emergency/CRISIS

If you are worried about acting on suicidal thoughts, please contact the Haringey Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHT) service on 0208 702 6700 if you are worried about hearing voices or other psychotic symptoms. If you are experiencing problems with drug or alcohol misuse, please contact your GP or DASH (Drug Advisory Service Haringey) on 0208 489 4011 or HAGA (Haringey Advisory Group on Alcohol) on 0208 800 6999.

Ring - Haringey Patient Emergency Crisis: 0208 702 6700

ADHD Questionnaire for referral

To be referred for the ADHD clinic the patient is required to complete an ADHD questionnaire prior to a referral. Subject to your submission the patient the hospital may accept or reject the referral. Of note in Haringey there are extended waiting times for the ADHD service. Please discuss with the service and not the practice with regards to this

SSRI (medication review)

The surgery may request you to complete a form for safe prescribing of the medication you may be on