Cervical smear tests

To pick up early signs of cervical cancer, we carry out routine smear tests once every 3 years on our female patients aged between 25 and 49 years. For those between 50 and 65 years smears will be done once every 5 years. However, tests will be performed more frequently if the results call for this. Vaginal swabs and tests for Chlamydia are not routinely carried out during cervical screening. But, you can ask for separate appointments to have this done.

Cervical smears are routinely performed by our practice nurse. Attempt to time your appointment to be mid cycle of your period to ensure the best smear results. For more information regarding cervical smears please visit the NHS cervical screening programme.

Some women may decide to 'opt out' of the programme and not wish to have a smear performed. We recommend that you have read about cervical screening prior to completing the withdrawal form. If you decide please complete the form and return it to the surgery for your medical notes. Contact the surgery for your Cervical smear withdrawal form