BP clinic

Patients with high blood pressure can visit the nurse or their doctor. All our clinicians will carry out blood pressure checks on you. Please make sure that you are reviewed at least once a year regarding your blood pressure. We aim to control your blood pressure to below 140/90 to prevent the risk of heart attacks or strokes in the future. At the clinic we will review risk factors, discuss lifestyle changes, review medications and arm you with the knowledge you need to manage your condition.

Prior to your appointment you will need to have a blood test. This will mean that your cholesterol and other blood tests will be available for discussion at the clinic. The cardiac monitoring clinic also sees patients who have a high risk of heart disease, but have not actually had a heart attack. They do this through a one off appointment in the clinic and then with support via the practice nursing clinic with any ongoing lifestyle issues. To access this clinic you need to be referred by your GP or practice nurse. For more information regarding high blood pressure can be found here.

If you are interested in accessing further information on heart disease and how to manage it the British Heart Foundation offers a wealth of information to help you. Cardiac Risk Calculator - This will help you to calculate your risk of heart disease, but cannot be used if you have already had a cardiac event (Heart attack/Stroke)