Health Visitor

Health Visitors

Haringey's Whittington Health health visitor service may visit you and your child

Examples of common needs and services are:

  • antenatal visits

  • parenting support and advice on family health and minor illness

  • new birth visits which include advice on diet, feeding, weaning and health checks

  • formal health programme for immunisation, physical and developmental checks, information and support for families on feeding, safety and relationships, a child’s developmental milestones, dental health, keeping safe, nutrition, speech language and communication, play

  • formal health programme for school entry (three to five years)

  • Leading the Healthy Child Programme

  • specific support on interventions e.g. post natal depression, supporting families with complex needs

Baby, child and breastfeeding support

At this time, we are offering appointment only clinics to have your baby weighed, but only if you have a specific concern or query about your baby or child. Our visits, support and developmental reviews may be in person or be offered virtually via video or audio instead. Breast feeding support is also available face to face and/or virtually.

Health visitors are nurses or midwives who hold post-graduate specialist practitioner qualifications and work in the field of child family and public health. They work in the community, as autonomous practitioners, both designing and delivering care for families and communities.

They ensure all families have access to a universal set of evidence-based services as part of the healthy child programme to help them stay healthy. They use their expert professional judgement to agree appropriate levels of support over and above this universal service, building on parents’ strengths. Some of this support is provided by health visitors directly, some they delegate or refer to the appropriate professional or practitioner.

Specialist Immunisation Service (Haringey)

This service is for babies and children who require specialist immunisations such as hepatitis B and TB, or who require immunisations given by a specialist practitioner due to severe allergies. The service is run in Haringey from both St Ann’s and The Laurel’s clinic.

Main Address - Hornsey Central Health Centre, Level 2 151 Park Road London N8 8JD

Ring - 020 3074 2650


they have contact numbers and email addresses in each team where you can speak to a health visitor on the same day Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. Please check the available locations below.

Health Visiting Wood Green

020 3074 2970/2972

Health Visiting Hornsey Central

020 3074 2650

Health Visiting Tynemouth Road

020 3224 4307

Health Visiting The Laurels

020 3224 4207

0-19 Health Visiting Team

020 3074 2650