Fees for non-NHS work

About Charging fees

The NHS provides most health care free of charge. However there are a number of other services for which fees can be charged. These are mainly for services not covered by the NHS, such as medical reports for insurance companies.Doctors are involved in a whole range of non-medical work, largely on the basis that they occupy a position of trust within the community, and are in the position to verify the accuracy of information. If a GP signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a professional duty that s(he) checks the accuracy of such information. This may involve examining the patient's entire medical record.

What certificates do I have to pay for?

There are a number of certificates which GPs are obliged to provide free of charge. These include certain certificates supporting claims by patients for social security benefits. If a patient is off work for seven days or less the GP does not have to provide a sick note. A patient can be refused a note or charged for a private one for illnesses of seven days or less.

Fees For Medical Reports, Letters

Current fees are non-negotiable but may be more than that advertised depending on a case by case basis. The final fees will be proportionate to the level of work required to complete. Please speak to receptionist to confirm. Pre-payment is required for the task to be completed.

Access to medical records

Computerised: Subject to change

Manual records: Subject to change

Private prescription: £15

Private sick note: £15

Private insurance claims form: £30

Private letter (to whom it may concern): From £30

Letter of proof of registration/address: £20

Blue badge form: From £30

Concessionary Travel pass: £30

Leavers note: £10 (+£5 p&p if requested for postage)

Countersignature for nationalisation / driving licence: From £35

Firearm medical form: £60

We are not permitted to countersign for British passports


Pre-employment medical and report with examination: £150

Pre-employment medical and report without examination: £90

Army medical report without examination: £90

University & School letters

Letter to university for mitigating circumstances: From £45


Mortgage claim form: £30

Council tax discount form: £30

Life insurance proposal form: £90

Medical insurance certificate: £30

Medical insurance report or extract from records: £60


Full examination and report (e.g. HGV, Taxi): £150

Driver insurance form with examination: £150

Driver insurance form without examination: £90


Private prescription: £15

Fitness to travel form (incl: pregnancy): £30

Fitness to travel with examination: £150

Cancellation of travel claim form: £60

Full examination for foreign visa/work permits: £150

Vaccination administration and certificates (e.g. ACWY): £20

Anti-Malaria prescription: £15

Fostering medicals

AH form: As per guidance on form

AH 2: As per guidance on form