Sick notes, forms & other

Medication requests, insurance forms etc

Sick notes or non-medical issues

If you require a repeat sick note that you have previously received and only need a repeat, without change to your symptoms, our reception staff can be able to help you with your request and will inform the GP. The GP may contact to confirm your symptoms of necessary.

  • Simply request for a repeat sick note without booking an appointment from our receptionists who may take your details and speak to the Doctor who may contact you back before issuing

If you a requesting for a new sick note but have evidence supporting this, ie AE attendance letter or similar document, our receptionist may be able to facilitate your request without having to book an appointment.

  • For more information of sick notes read

Requesting for a medication

Repeat acute prescription

If your doctor had previously prescribed you a medication that is not on your repeat prescription please contact the surgery where our staff will be able to inform the GP as to whether they can reissue it.

More often than not this can be done over the telephone with no need to attend the surgery

Hospital prescription

If you were given a prescription by the hospital and want to get this on an NHS green script or via your chemist then bring the hospital prescription to the surgery and our team will try and help you without booking an appointment

Letters for work/university/school, medical report

If you require a letter stating a fact or illness, please contact the surgery to best advise you how to proceed. Doctors during clinical appointments will not be able to facilitate this request and will advise you to speak to the receptionist.